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Stair Jig Solid Laminate

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Can be used for both open and closed staircases.

Creates stair noses projections of 17mm (open only), 22mm, 25.4mm, 28.1mm, 32mm and 38mm

Creates tread thicknesses of 22mm, 25.4mm, 28.1mm, 32mm and 33mm (open only).

Conforms to BS585 (1989 Woodstairs) and building regulations.

Please note that this jig is compatible with routers with a plate designed to house a 70mm (external diameter) guide bush.

The jig includes:

Open Staircase Aperture

Closed Staircase Aperture

Sliding Bar

Aluminium Sliding Pegs with threaded bar

Instructions for this jig can be found HERE.

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Stair Jig Solid Laminate
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£95.00 £42.99


keyboard_arrow_down keyboard_arrow_up Specification
Width 580.5mm
Length 587.5mm
Height 12.5mm
Weight 3.6kg