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Hotrod Jig Solid Laminate

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The best selling jig in the UK - from the UK's biggest manufacturer!

Use to create an innovative and stylish yet fully functional hotrod assembly, designed to protect worktops from hot pans.
Saves valuable time measuring and marking out.
Ensures a smooth, straight cut.
All hotrods ship for free when purchased with a jig!
All jigs are made of 12mm hard-wearing solid compact laminate - with a lifetime guarantee to never warp.
All jigs come boxed, supplied with a full set of easy to follow instructions.

Jig deal - Buy two or more jigs and only pay for one set of postage!

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Hotrod Jig Solid Laminate
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done In stock


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Width 235.5mm
Length 0.65m
Height 12.5mm
Weight 1.1kg
Type Router Jig