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Oak Block Laminate Worktop 4M X 600mm X 38mm

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  • Oak offers a charm and elegance that has been so desirable throughout history that it's now renowned for being a timeless classic. These Oak Block laminate worktops imitate the beauty of oak with their authentic oak grain pattern and colour, perfect for those who want the low-maintenance benefits of laminate instead of solid wood without forgoing the natural aesthetics.
  • Laminate worktops are low maintenance, easy to clean and highly water-resistant.
  • They are also affordable alternatives to real wood but unlike many natural woods, laminate is extremely durable and resistant to scratches, stains and cracks.
Our Oak Block laminate worktops come with different finished edges based on the size of worktop that you order:
  • All 600mm - 610mm wide worktops come with one finished long edge and two unfinished short edges.
  • All 900mm wide worktops come with two finished long edges and two unfinished short edges.
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Worktop Size Stock Price Quantity
Oak Block Laminate Worktops
3m x 600 x 38mm
done In stock
done In stock
4m x 600 x 38mm
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3m x 900 x 38mm
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done In stock


keyboard_arrow_down keyboard_arrow_up Specification
Width 600mm
Length 4m
Thickness 38mm
Weight 51.67kg
Material Laminate
Decor Oak Block
Finish Semi Gloss
Edge profile Rounded Edge
Additional edging strips supplied 2