Beech Worktops – Rustic or Prime?

Beech is a pale timber with a prominent grain pattern. Beech worktops are suitable for pretty much any style of kitchen and have the benefits of durability and reliability. Here at Kitchen Surplus, we offer two types of beech finishes – rustic or prime and each has its own special character that adds a different feel to a kitchen.

Rustic Beech Worktops

Beech is an ideal wood to use in a traditional kitchen and this rustic worktop has plenty of old-world charm that emphasises that classical feel. Compared to the prime beech, rustic beech has a more prominent and varied grain pattern, with a textured finish. Likewise, the colour tends to be richer and warmer and so produces a softer, more welcoming feel to a kitchen.

The richer colour and grain texture of rustic beech worktops

Prime Beech Worktops

Prime beech has a uniform finish resulting in a more delicate colour and grain texture when compared to the rustic beech. Although prime beech can still be used in a traditional style kitchen to great effect, it will work equally as well when used in a contemporary design.

The uniform and delicate colour of prime beech worktops

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Install Your Solid Wood Worktops the Right Way With Our Installation Kit!

A premium oak worktop with a plate of pastries on

If you are buying new worktops to upgrade your kitchen, you will want to make sure they are properly installed to make sure they are long-lasting, safe and usable. Luckily, you can purchase our installation kits to make life a bit easier when you are fitting the worktops.

Our worktop installation kit includes all the items necessary to fit your beautiful timber worktops. It comes with three worktop connector bolts, 10 slotted brackets, a TCT router cutter, wood screws and a tube of clear worktop sealant. We recommend that you are likely to need to buy one of these installation kits per worktop, but a kit only costs £15 and is therefore fantastic value for money.

Prior to installation, it is very important to coat the surface with a few coats of Danish oil. Our 1l tins are enough to fully protect a 3m worktop, and you may need to put as many as six coats of oil on exposed edges and the end grain. You will need to wait between six and eight hours between applying a new coat of oil to allow it to dry. Half an hour after applying a coat of oil, use a lint free cloth to remove any excess liquid.

To keep your worktop in the very best condition for as long as possible, buy one of our affordable worktop aftercare kits.

Beautiful Cherry Worktops for a Tasty Kitchen!

Are you looking for a solid wood worktop that will truly stand out from the crowd? Our cherry worktops are unmistakeable thanks to their beautiful sunset colouration and refined grain pattern.

This is a fantastic surface to opt for if you wish to create a farmhouse appearance in your kitchen, but it is equally wonderful for a variety of other kitchen styles. Once oiled, cherry will help to brighten your cooking area by reflecting light and, with little maintenance, can be enjoyed and used for many years. This hardwood worktop is constructed from sustainably harvested 40mm staves, which are finger-jointed for maximum strength.

The wood for these cherry worktops comes from the fruit-bearing tree of the same name, which shares DNA with apricot and pear trees. Our countertops are created using wood sourced from European suppliers, while other uses for cherry wood include furniture, musical instruments and to smoke food.

Please get in touch if you would like further assistance in ordering these cherry worktops.

Create Your Perfect Breakfast Bar With Our Timber Worktops

A neutral and contemporary kitchen with a breakfast bar built into the worktop

Credit : Ideal Home

Breakfast bars are beautiful, convenient and space-saving, so they’re understandably popular. You can create a breakfast bar with our high-quality solid timber worktops – we stock many different sizes so you can find your perfect one. All our countertops are incredibly easy to cut to your requirements on site.

As well as offering lengths of up to four metres, our worktops are available in three different widths – 620mm, 720mm and 960mm. With all these different combinations, we are confident you will be able to have your ideal breakfast bar using one of our solid wood countertops.

If you’re planning to have a breakfast bar attached to a peninsula or island, our widest 960mm option will be best. Our 620mm wide versions are the right size for universal cabinets, so are good if the breakfast bar will be sitting on top, while 720mm worktops will offer that little bit of extra space.

A 20mm stave walnut worktop with a bowl of apples and pears

We recommend using a worktop support for every metre of overhang. This is to ensure that your breakfast bar will be stable and strong enough to support heavy items.

Each one of our affordable and durable timber worktops is available to order in a number of sizes, so the hardest bit is which to choose!

Three Types of Wood With Curly Grain Patterns

Our low-cost solid wood worktops provide elegant and smart surfaces to suit a variety of kitchen styles. If you’d like your kitchen to stand out, these three worktops feature intricate curly grain patterns – for a completely unique look.


Oak Worktop

Our standard oak timber worktops offer so much variation that almost every stave will have a different grain structure. Some are straight, but many others are curly or dotted. As oak often has imperfections such as knots, it’s this natural and interesting grain that sets it apart from our other products. It’s easy to see why it is so popular.

Black American Walnut

Black American Walnut

Both our walnut and deluxe walnut also show off a squiggly grain pattern, but black American walnut is often chosen because it will add a luxurious and elegant feel to light kitchens. After installation, it will darken over time to become a very rich, chocolate brown colour. Buy our black American walnut worktops for as little as £244.99.


Sapele Worktop

The grain of sapelli wood is more wavy than curly, giving it a refined look that’s backed up by its chestnut tones. Harvested sustainably from our African suppliers, sapelli will arrive looking slightly lighter and pinker than you may expect, but will quickly darken. It is very durable and strong, making it perfect for family life. Buy our sapelli worktops from just £144.99.

Whether you would like wood with a straight or curly grain, we have plenty of worktops to suit your requirements. Keep up to date with Kitchen Surplus by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

What is a routing jig and which do I need?

For a truly bespoke kitchen, you can use our routing jig sets to help achieve the style you’ve always wanted. A routing jig is a template for grooves, hotrod sets, hinges and sinks, and we sell a number of different options based on your needs.

Our wooden routing jigs are made of MDF and are perfect for DIY enthusiasts as they are suitable for low frequency use, while our hard-wearing solid laminate ones are used by industry professionals across the country. Both options are simple to use and come with easy-to-follow instructions.

To use, you simply place the routing jig over the worktop and follow the guidance on the routing cutter to carve grooves or holes into the surface.

The routing jig sets we supply can save you money by giving you the tools required to install your worktop yourself. They provide guidelines to create cut-outs for mitre joints – where two pieces of wood with 45-degree angles are joined together to make a right-angle – and connector bolts.

As well as a standard installation jig, we also have different versions available to help with fitting hotrod sets, drainage grooves and Belfast sinks. Our routing jigs are clearly labelled with their purpose, so if you were fitting drainage grooves you could use one of our drainer jigs, for example.

If you’re installing the worktop yourself to save money, check out our value options – our 700mm Value Worktop Jig is just £17.50 – while our professional range starts at just £25 for a 650mm Solid Laminate Worktop jig.

We have everything you need to install your own worktops, but if you have any questions about our range of jigs, please contact us via telephone or email, or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

Choosing Upstands and Splashbacks for your Kitchen

When you know which worktops you will be using and you have chosen the colour of your cabinets and the paint for your walls, choosing tiles, upstands, splashbacks or a combination of the three is an important part of your new kitchen design. Kitchen walls need to be capable of withstanding a number of splashes – and often with difficult-to-remove substances like oils, tomato based sauces and dark berry juices.

Stainless steel spalshback and upstands are a modern option and work well with any number of worktop materials

Splashbacks, upstands and tiles are wipe clean and help prevent walls becoming stained. Splashbacks and upstands are much easier to install and maintain than tiles, as they can adhere straight to the wall whilst tiles require grout and will need to be stuck on individually. Tiles are slightly harder to maintain as the grout between the tiles will eventually become discoloured, regardless of how clean it is kept.

Upstands have the added benefit of being capable of hiding uneven walls which is perfect in older properties. stainless steel upstands and splashbacks can be used to create a professional, contemporary look and pair well with a variety of different worktop colours and materials.

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Exotic Zebrano Worktops for a Unique Kitchen

With a variety of timber worktops avaliable, it can be tricky to choose the best option for your home. For a truly unique kitchen, our unusual Zebrano worktops are a striking choice, featuring a grain pattern that is stripy in appearence-giving the worktop it its name!

Zebrano worktops are a striking option for any home

The colour of our Zebrano worktops varies, from a light toffee shade to a dark brown which is what creates the prominent ‘Zebra effect’. Every one of these worktops we stock is completely unqiue and has a distinctive grain pattern that is sure to have an impact in any room. This durable hardwood is cut into 40mm staves to create our worktops, which are finger-jointed together for optimal stability.

Zebrano timber is typically found in West Africa, where we work hard to ensure that the sources of our zebrano worktop are sustainable, and responsibly managed. As it is not a widely avaliable wood species, zebrano is frequently used for fine furniture where an unmistakable and luxurious look is required.

If you need any assistance in ordering your zebrano worktops, please to not hesitate to get in touch.

Light Wood Worktops at Kitchen Surplus

We have written a number of posts about our dark timber worktop options, but what about the alternative? There are a number of light wood worktops in our collection, and these are currently very popular in fashionable Scandi-lifestyle trends.

Beech worktops have a soft, speckled grain pattern for a modern look

Beech Worktops

Our beech worktops are available in two different styles; both prime beech worktops and our rustic beech worktops are the perfect option if you are looking for light wood worktops. Beech has an attractive speckled grain pattern and is a fantastic choice for a modern kitchen. The two options available on in our catalogue are constructed using 40mm staves.

Maple worktops are a timeless option and have been used in kitchens for centures

Maple Worktops

Maple worktops have been used as kitchen surfaces for centuries and it is easy to see why! The light wood is an elegant yet characterful option and although it is one of the palest timbers we have available, the rich honey tone ensures it is not cold. Again constructed from 40mm staves, maple is a versatile surface for any home that is extremely hard wearing.

Bamboo worktops have a unique grain pattern due to the structure of the grass

Bamboo Worktops

If you are looking for a more exotic work surface, our bamboo worktops are a unique choice. The interesting structure of bamboo creates a detailed grain pattern that cannot be found on any other timber type. Light wood worktops constructed using bamboo have a uniform appearance and are one of our most sustainable options thanks to the speed at which this giant grass grows. It also has the added benefit of being naturally waterproof for a durable worktop.

Which of our light wood worktops will look best in your home? Order online today or give us a call on 01452 725 145 to discuss any of our timbers in more detail.

Wooden Worktop Care: Keeping your Work Surface in Good Condition

Wooden worktop care helps make sure your surfaces are good enough to eat off of!

Solid wood work surfaces are a beautiful addition to any kitchen, but will need regular maintenance to stay in tip-top condition. Wooden worktop care is an essential part of wooden worktop ownership, but don’t let that put you off. It will take some time in the beginning but the longer you have the surfaces, the less effort will be needed.


We have previously written about oiling your worktops and this is one of the main things you will need to do to keep your solid wood surfaces looking great. Our guide covers everything in more detail, but for a quick refresher:

  1. Sand with 150 or 120 grit paper for a smooth finish
  2. Rub worktop to remove dust and grit
  3. Apply oil (we recommend Rustin’s Danish Oil) to worktop
  4. Once dry (leave at least 6 – 8 hours for this) repeat the process
  5. When all coats have been applied, wipe with a lint free cloth to ensure oil coverage is even

This will need to be done before the worktops are installed, then as often as possible after they have been fitted. After the first six weeks, we would suggest around once every three months to retreat with oil.


When thinking about wooden worktop care, it is important to consider the daily use of your surface. Keeping your worktop clean and dry will ensure it remains in a good condition and looks great for years to come; the products you use to clean can have an impact on how your worktop looks. We recommend using a mix of soap and water to wipe your surfaces, as chemical cleaners can have a harsh effect on wooden worktops.


One of the benefits of wooden worktops is that often small damages can be repaired. Light surface scratches can be sanded and re-oiled to match the rest of the countertop, and the same can be done with shallow burns and discolouration. For dents, spray a light misting of water onto the surface and place a wet cloth over the area of damage. Using a hot iron on the damp cloth for 5 second periods will steam the area and should raise the dent to remove it.

Done right, wooden worktop care can ensure a long and healthy life for your work surfaces! Stay up to date with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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