Wonderful Walnut: Take a Look at these Beautiful Timber Worktops

Walnut is a gorgeous timber, showcasing beautiful colour variation thanks to its pale sapwood and darker heartwood. These timber worktops are available in a variety of styles on our website, including European walnut, Premium Walnut and black American walnut.

Our European walnut worktops are the most traditional of the three, incorporating a series of staves that each measure 40mm thick and 40mm wide – perfect for exhibiting the unique grain pattern and contrasting colour of the wood. This timber is naturally hard-wearing with a delicate curved grain, providing a work surface that is both practical and decorative.

Similar to our European walnut, our Premium Walnut collection utilises narrower, 20mm-wide staves. These staves are also 40mm thick, making them an equally robust choice for wooden worktops. These slimmer staves emphasise the contrast in colour, and would be particularly well-suited to a modern home.

The final worktop in our selection of walnut surfaces is black American walnut. This darker timber is immensely luxurious, providing a rich and lustrous countertop that is ideal for lavish kitchen design and high-contrast colour schemes. These worktops are made up of 40mm staves, which slowly darken to near-black as the timber matures.

All our timber worktops are sanded to a super smooth 150-grit finish before delivery, so you can apply the finish of your choice. If you would like to get in touch to place an order, please telephone us on 01452 725145, or email sales@kitchen-surplus.co.uk.

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