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What is a routing jig and which do I need?

For a truly bespoke kitchen, you can use our routing jig sets to help achieve the style you’ve always wanted. A routing jig is a template for grooves, hotrod sets, hinges and sinks, and we sell a number of different options based on your needs.

Our wooden routing jigs are made of MDF and are perfect for DIY enthusiasts as they are suitable for low frequency use, while our hard-wearing solid laminate ones are used by industry professionals across the country. Both options are simple to use and come with easy-to-follow instructions.

To use, you simply place the routing jig over the worktop and follow the guidance on the routing cutter to carve grooves or holes into the surface.

The routing jig sets we supply can save you money by giving you the tools required to install your worktop yourself. They provide guidelines to create cut-outs for mitre joints – where two pieces of wood with 45-degree angles are joined together to make a right-angle – and connector bolts.

As well as a standard installation jig, we also have different versions available to help with fitting hotrod sets, drainage grooves and Belfast sinks. Our routing jigs are clearly labelled with their purpose, so if you were fitting drainage grooves you could use one of our drainer jigs, for example.

If you’re installing the worktop yourself to save money, check out our value options – our 700mm Value Worktop Jig is just £17.50 – while our professional range starts at just £25 for a 650mm Solid Laminate Worktop jig.

We have everything you need to install your own worktops, but if you have any questions about our range of jigs, please contact us via telephone or email, or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

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