What are Wooden Worktop Staves?

There are a number of different terms we use to describe our solid wood worktops, and we occasionally are asked what some of the words mean. “What are wooden worktop staves?” is the question we get asked most often, so in this blog we will go through what they are and the different types our work surfaces have.

A stave may also be called a block and is used to describe the thin lengths or strips of timber used to manufacture our worktops. The wooden worktop staves are finger jointed together with high pressure and glue to make sure they are as sturdy as possible. Staves come in a variety of different sizes, which alters the look of each worktop.

40mm Staves

Wooden worktop staves of 40mm are the widest staves we have on offer and also the most common. Staves are also 40mm thick, and this produces a traditional looking solid wood worktop. Popular options we have in a 40mm stave are, walnut, prime oak and farmhouse oak, as shown above.

20mm Staves

We also have a collection of solid wood worktops that feature a 20mm stave. These wooden worktop staves are still 40mm thick to ensure they are robust enough for the daily wear and tear of life in a busy kitchen. Worktops with smaller staves typically feature more variation, creating a less uniform look. Our premium oak, caramel bamboo and premium walnut worktops all feature 20mm staves and can be used to create a range of different looks.

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