Our Fantastic Range of Timber Worktops Now Includes Sapelli!

We have recently added sapelli worktops to our growing collection of high quality products. As with all our timber worktops, we buy sapelli worktops in bulk, which enables us to offer it at the most competitive prices on the market. However, as well as being extremely affordable, sapelli comprises a number of other appealing characteristics.

African sapelli timber has a rich chestnut hue that makes for a warm and welcoming worktop. What’s more, it is also extremely resilient thanks to its intricate internal grain structure. Each worktop is assembled from a series of 40mm wide staves, which are carefully finger-jointed together using high-pressure glue to ensure maximum strength, and then sanded to a smooth 150 grit finish. Unlike other worktops, all of our Grade A sapelli surfaces start off a pale pink colour before quickly darkening to the rich red shade you see here.

With a perfect blend of strength and beauty, our sustainably-sourced sapelli worktops are the ideal choice for any busy kitchen.

If you have any questions regarding sapelli or any other worktop in our collection, please don’t hesitate to telephone us on 01452 725145, or email .

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