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Three Types of Wood With Curly Grain Patterns

Our low-cost solid wood worktops provide elegant and smart surfaces to suit a variety of kitchen styles. If you’d like your kitchen to stand out, these three worktops feature intricate curly grain patterns – for a completely unique look.


Our standard oak timber worktops offer so much variation that almost every stave will have a different grain structure. Some are straight, but many others are curly or dotted. As oak often has imperfections such as knots, it’s this natural and interesting grain that sets it apart from our other products. It’s easy to see why it is so popular.

Black American Walnut

Both our walnut and deluxe walnut also show off a squiggly grain pattern, but black American walnut is often chosen because it will add a luxurious and elegant feel to light kitchens. After installation, it will darken over time to become a very rich, chocolate brown colour. Buy our black American walnut worktops for as little as £244.99.


The grain of sapelli wood is more wavy than curly, giving it a refined look that’s backed up by its chestnut tones. Harvested sustainably from our African suppliers, sapelli will arrive looking slightly lighter and pinker than you may expect, but will quickly darken. It is very durable and strong, making it perfect for family life. Buy our sapelli worktops from just £144.99.

Whether you would like wood with a straight or curly grain, we have plenty of worktops to suit your requirements. Keep up to date with Kitchen Surplus by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

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