Stylish Stainless Steel Hotrods for Timber Worktops

Timber worktops are undoubtedly a thing of beauty. That being said, further embellishment in the form of a worktop hotrod set is an attractive and useful enhancement that will not disappoint.

Stainless steel hotrods are a stunning feature on any wooden worktop, and create a practical heat-proof location on which to rest hot pans and dishes, helping to protect your wooden work surface from scorch marks.

These hotrods require grooves to be routed into your worktop, which can be achieved using a round nose router cutter. Once positioned in the grooves, the hotrods will not move around, but can be removed for regular cleaning. You can also opt to position steel hotrods in a diamond or square formation – whichever style you prefer!

Whilst our timber tops are immensely durable, they are not entirely heat-resistant, so we thoroughly recommend installing our stylish and functional hotrods adjacent to hobs and range-style ovens for added convenience.

Our stainless steel hotrod set is priced at just £20, and includes one 300x12mm rod, two 200x12mm rods and two 100x12mm rods.

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