Our Quick Guide to Oiling Worktops

There’s only one thing better than worktops, and that’s a wooden worktop with a healthy coating of Danish oil: a recommended product both for protection of the timber, and to bring out its beautiful grain and natural colouring.

At Kitchen Surplus we suggest using Rustins Danish Oil to achieve a satin finish that not only accentuates the look of the worktop, but also makes it more hard-wearing.

The point at which your worktop is installed and the period immediately after is when it will be at its most vulnerable, so it is important to ensure that regular oiling is completed to help protect the worktop.

Follow these steps to oil your worktops:

  • All worktops from Kitchen Surplus are supplied with a 150 grit sanded finish, but we do recommend giving them additional sanding prior to installation to achieve your desired finish.
  • After sanding, rub the worktop down with a clean, dry cloth to remove any dust.
  • Once clean, you can start applying Rustins Danish Oil. Apply a healthy layer to the top surface and pay close attention to the end grain as this will absorb oil faster than the top and bottom surfaces and may require extra coats.
  • Leave the worktop 6 – 8 hours to dry before repeating the process, flipping the worktop as you go. We suggest applying three coats to the top, bottom and sides, and 6 coats to the end grain.
  • When fully dry, wipe down the surface with a lint free cloth and make sure the oil coverage is even.

This process can be repeated as many times as you feel is necessary, as the more coats you apply at this early stage, the stronger and more aesthetically pleasing the worktop will become. If the worktop is not fully dried between applying coats of oil, it will feel ‘sticky’, so be careful not to apply too much too soon.

We offer tins of Rustins Danish Oil in 1L, 2.5L and 5L capacities, with a recommended application of 1L for every 3M of worktop. Don’t forget to add it to your order!

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