Light Wood Worktops at Kitchen Surplus

We have written a number of posts about our dark timber worktop options, but what about the alternative? There are a number of light wood worktops in our collection, and these are currently very popular in fashionable Scandi-lifestyle trends.

Beech worktops have a soft, speckled grain pattern for a modern look

Beech Worktops

Our beech worktops are available in two different styles; both prime beech worktops and our rustic beech worktops are the perfect option if you are looking for light wood worktops. Beech has an attractive speckled grain pattern and is a fantastic choice for a modern kitchen. The two options available on in our catalogue are constructed using 40mm staves.

Maple worktops are a timeless option and have been used in kitchens for centures

Maple Worktops

Maple worktops have been used as kitchen surfaces for centuries and it is easy to see why! The light wood is an elegant yet characterful option and although it is one of the palest timbers we have available, the rich honey tone ensures it is not cold. Again constructed from 40mm staves, maple is a versatile surface for any home that is extremely hard wearing.

Bamboo worktops have a unique grain pattern due to the structure of the grass

Bamboo Worktops

If you are looking for a more exotic work surface, our bamboo worktops are a unique choice. The interesting structure of bamboo creates a detailed grain pattern that cannot be found on any other timber type. Light wood worktops constructed using bamboo have a uniform appearance and are one of our most sustainable options thanks to the speed at which this giant grass grows. It also has the added benefit of being naturally waterproof for a durable worktop.

Which of our light wood worktops will look best in your home? Order online today or give us a call on 01452 725 145 to discuss any of our timbers in more detail.

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