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Install Your Solid Wood Worktops the Right Way With Our Installation Kit!

A premium oak worktop with a plate of pastries on

If you are buying new worktops to upgrade your kitchen, you will want to make sure they are properly installed to make sure they are long-lasting, safe and usable. Luckily, you can purchase our installation kits to make life a bit easier when you are fitting the worktops.

Our worktop installation kit includes all the items necessary to fit your beautiful timber worktops. It comes with three worktop connector bolts, 10 slotted brackets, a TCT router cutter, wood screws and a tube of clear worktop sealant. We recommend that you are likely to need to buy one of these installation kits per worktop, but a kit only costs £15 and is therefore fantastic value for money.

Prior to installation, it is very important to coat the surface with a few coats of Danish oil. Our 1l tins are enough to fully protect a 3m worktop, and you may need to put as many as six coats of oil on exposed edges and the end grain. You will need to wait between six and eight hours between applying a new coat of oil to allow it to dry. Half an hour after applying a coat of oil, use a lint free cloth to remove any excess liquid.

To keep your worktop in the very best condition for as long as possible, buy one of our affordable worktop aftercare kits.

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