Exotic Zebrano Worktops for a Unique Kitchen

With a variety of timber worktops avaliable, it can be tricky to choose the best option for your home. For a truly unique kitchen, our unusual Zebrano worktops are a striking choice, featuring a grain pattern that is stripy in appearence-giving the worktop it its name!

Zebrano worktops are a striking option for any home

The colour of our Zebrano worktops varies, from a light toffee shade to a dark brown which is what creates the prominent ‘Zebra effect’. Every one of these worktops we stock is completely unqiue and has a distinctive grain pattern that is sure to have an impact in any room. This durable hardwood is cut into 40mm staves to create our worktops, which are finger-jointed together for optimal stability.

Zebrano timber is typically found in West Africa, where we work hard to ensure that the sources of our zebrano worktop are sustainable, and responsibly managed. As it is not a widely avaliable wood species, zebrano is frequently used for fine furniture where an unmistakable and luxurious look is required.

If you need any assistance in ordering your zebrano worktops, please to not hesitate to get in touch.

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