Don’t forget a Worktop Moisture Barrier to Protect Timber Worktops

If you’re fitting worktops above an appliance such as refrigerators, washing machines or dishwashers, a worktop moisture barrier is highly recommended to protect your timber worktops from being exposed to high levels of moisture that might cause the timber to warp or rot over time.

Despite being known as moisture barriers, we also recommend using this protective layer to reflect excess heat from ovens, microwaves and other hot appliances, too.

The barrier is provided in 1M x 750mm x 3mm sections, and can easily be attached to a worktop using silicone adhesive. A length of special tape is also provided to seal the edges of the moisture barrier. This protective layer isn’t just suited to the underside of worktops – it can also protect kitchen cabinets from the heat given off by free-standing range cookers.

Moisture barriers should only be applied once the worktop has been fully treated with Rustins Danish Oil (or an alternative finish of your choice).

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