How to Create a Rustic-Style Kitchen with Timber Worktops

Timber worktops are the ideal kitchen component for creating a warm and welcoming rustic feel. Well-suited to traditional country cottages, the use of natural materials is imperative to this look – so don’t be afraid to go to town!

An essential surface for producing this wholesome kitchen style is, of course, our rustic oak worktops. Complete with lots of natural features, every one of these kitchen countertops is full of charm and unique characteristics.

To complement your solid wood work surfaces, we suggest the use of cream-painted cabinet frontals, with the addition of an accent colour. To enhance the warm and cosy aesthetic, why not opt for a wine red or alternatively – to harness the truly natural look of the great outdoors – accent your cream palette with a gentle shade of green. Before committing to a colour, consider ordering samples of the paints you feel might work alongside rustic oak in your kitchen space.

Your chosen kitchen hardware should also support this rustic look, so we recommend the addition of solid oak cabinet door knobs, or distressed pewter cup handles. Black-painted metal pull handles also sit well within a traditional rustic theme or – for a more ‘on trend’ look – select some polished rose gold handles. Don’t be afraid to raid local antiques retailers for handles and knobs that will work alongside rustic oak.

Our matching rustic oak chopping board are another perfect addition to rustic kitchens, and will protect your worktops, too. Consider both your colours and accessories carefully to help you create a truly homely, rustic kitchen.

If you would like to place an order for solid timber worktops, please feel free to contact us by telephoning 01452 725145, or emailing .

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