Choosing Upstands and Splashbacks for your Kitchen

When you know which worktops you will be using and you have chosen the colour of your cabinets and the paint for your walls, choosing tiles, upstands, splashbacks or a combination of the three is an important part of your new kitchen design. Kitchen walls need to be capable of withstanding a number of splashes – and often with difficult-to-remove substances like oils, tomato based sauces and dark berry juices.

Stainless steel spalshback and upstands are a modern option and work well with any number of worktop materials

Splashbacks, upstands and tiles are wipe clean and help prevent walls becoming stained. Splashbacks and upstands are much easier to install and maintain than tiles, as they can adhere straight to the wall whilst tiles require grout and will need to be stuck on individually. Tiles are slightly harder to maintain as the grout between the tiles will eventually become discoloured, regardless of how clean it is kept.

Upstands have the added benefit of being capable of hiding uneven walls which is perfect in older properties. stainless steel upstands and splashbacks can be used to create a professional, contemporary look and pair well with a variety of different worktop colours and materials.

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