Beautiful Bamboo: Timber Worktops from Kitchen Surplus

Bamboo is a unique choice in wooden worktops as technically, it is not a wood but a grass. Because of this, it does not have growth rings like our other timber worktops do. Instead it has a uniform pattern of visible pores that are broken up by nodes, which creates an interesting and unusual worktop. Naturally water-resistant, bamboo is an incredibly durable option and is available from as either bamboo or caramel bamboo.

Our bamboo worktops are the lighter of the two options and are comprised of many 20mm wide staves that are sandwiched together to create a 40mm thick surface. These beautiful pale work surfaces will gradually darken over time to reach a golden hue that showcases the intricate and unusual pore structure of the grass with even more contrast. Bamboo is one of the most ‘green’ of all our timber worktops as it is hugely sustainable; the species we use is fully grown within 5 – 6 years. This means that any plants harvested can be replenished quickly, making it an incredibly environmentally friendly option.

Caramel bamboo has the same beautiful surface texture as our regular bamboo, but is treated slightly differently after it has been harvested. Rather than allowing the bamboo to dry and straighten naturally, caramel bamboo is heated by steam or boiling. By caramelising the natural sugars that are present, the final colour of the bamboo is darkened, resulting in the beautiful caramel shade you can see in the image. This process does not affect the bamboo in terms of strength or resilience, making it ideal for use in timber worktops. Caramel bamboo work surfaces are also constructed from many thin staves that are 20mm in width that together create a worktop that measures 40mm in depth.

Like all the other worktops in our range, both our bamboo and caramel bamboo options look beautiful in a number of settings and are sanded to 150-grit finish before we deliver them. It’s up to you to apply the finish of your choice before installation.

If you would like to speak with us before you place your order, please contact us on 01452 725145 or email us at .

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