Outstanding Oak Worktops at Kitchen Surplus

At Kitchen Surplus, we have worked hard to bring you a selection of solid wood worktops at affordable prices. Our range of oak worktops includes 5 different options, so we have something to suit every style as well as every budget. Oak is a popular choice as it is naturally incredibly hardwearing and has an attractive, warm golden colour.

This Farmhouse Oak worktop has a rustic charm

Perfect for a farmhouse kitchen, our Rustic Oak and Farmhouse Oak worktops feature a prominent grain pattern and striking colour variations, for a natural look that suits traditional kitchens.

Premium oak worktops are incredibly popular for a variety of different kitchen styles

Our Premium Oak worktops are our most popular option, as they suit a wide range of different styles. They have slender 20mm wide staves and an attractive grain making them the perfect option for any home. For a more luxurious option, our Prime Oak worktops feature wider 40mm staves and a more consistent grain for a sophisticated look.

Dark Oak worktops are an affordable option for those wanting to create a luxury look

For something a little different, our dark oak worktops have a rich, deep colour that looks more similar to black American walnut or wenge worktops. This is achieved through a special treatment that darkens the oak worktop throughout. Dark oak worktops are perfect for creating a dramatic look, so are great if you want your worktop to make a statement.

All of our oak worktops are available and in stock to order online today – alternatively, you can give us a call on 01452 725 145 or email us at sales@kitchen-surplus.co.uk to place your order if you would prefer.

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